The History of Heartland Patisserie:

Heartland Patisserie is the result of a bake sale to raise money for Stop Child Trafficking Now.  At this bake sale, the family who owns Sarah’s Creation Florist in Durham bought several different baked goods from me and loved everything they tried!   A couple of months later, I got a call from Sharon, Sarah’s daughter, asking if I would like to sell some of my baked goods from her shop.  I was honored and excited to be asked and agreed to do it after one meeting and a bit of prayer.

What Products Does Heartland Patisserie Offer?:

I specialize in sweets, but enjoy cooking everything.  At Sarah’s Creation Florist one will mostly find my tarts, cookies, truffles, and biscotti, but if you special order something I can make pies, specialty layer cakes, danishes (with my own, homemade puff pastry), turnovers, and many other desserts.  Following the sweets theme, I also love making breakfast and brunch items such as cinnamon rolls, pistachio-tangerine caramel rolls, baked French toast, quiches, scones, muffins, and other breakfast items.  If you are curious, and wonder if I can make a certain dish or cater a certain event, the best thing to do is just send me an email at heartlandpatisserie@gmail.com and ask!

A Bit About Me:

I enjoy food very much, both preparing and eating it.  I especially love any food that is sweet.  My introduction to the world of food started during summers home from college when I watched the Food Network all day long.  I learned that preparing food could be a creative and rewarding process.  When I married my husband, I worked full time as a Research Assistant in a basic science laboratory.  The repetitious and tedious work left no room to express my creativity, thus making meals and “creating food masterpieces” quickly became my creative outlet each evening after work.  A few years later, my husband will tell you that I still rarely make the same meal or dessert twice as I prefer to explore, imagine and learn about new recipes and flavor combinations.  Exploring, learning, and creating in the kitchen is my “home” where I can relax, tickle my taste buds, and do a little dance when I hit upon something great.  I hope you enjoy these sweet treats, you can bet, they have all been danced to.


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