Today I’m going to let you know about a cake I recently made for two of my coworkers’ birthday (they happened to have the same birth date).  I have so many tarts and pastries listed on this blog, I thought it might be good to feature a cake.  The cake I made for their birthday is a chocolate cake, frosted and filled with peanut butter cream cheese frosting, and then “doused” with a chocolate ganache over the top.  Indeed, it is rich.  I was a bit scared it would be too rich and too over-the-top for most people’s senses, but judging from the string of compliments that I received and continue to receive at random about that cake, I would say that people do like a little richness in their lives sometimes, despite their objections and mumblings about being on a “diet.”  This cake is completely satisfying, especially served with homemade coffee and caramel ice creams like I did for the birthday celebration.  I think a little of something completely satisfying, no matter how bad it is for you, is often better for you, both for your spirit and your body, then a lot of something that may be better for you, but fails to satisfy and “hit the mark.”  Do you agree?

A single slice of cake sitting daintily on a plate. Let's get closer, shall we?

Looking beautiful, regal, and elegant. Indeed, the cake was so tall that I had to buy a new cake carrier since it wouldn't fit in the one I had!

Whoah! Hello gorgeous! At this point I desperately wanted to put the camera down and exchange it for a spoon, but I held strong and managed to take one more picture for you so you could get the "full effect."

There. A scoop each of coffee and caramel ice cream. The caramel is probably my favorite ice cream I make and the coffee ice cream made a delightful, deconstructed "mocha" with the chocolate cake. Melted pools of cool cream soaking into layers of chocolate cake. . . hmm, I think it is time to go get that spoon.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures and I apologize for not being able to pass you a slice of cake through the computer screen as I am throughly enjoying my slice! 😉

Until next time,



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