Two Lemon Tarts and One Fancy Chocolate Tart

Week number four already!  I can’t believe it has almost been a month since my first delivery!  I have learned a lot this month, mostly about time management skills, but I have also learned other valuable tidbits while experimenting in the kitchen.  For example, did you know that a decent amount of salt is necessary to yield sugar cookies with the most flavor?  It’s true, at least according to my sugar cookie experiments and my eager coworkers who served as taste testers.

So what did I bring this week?  I brought two different kinds of lemon tarts (Since I could not decide which one to make, I made them both!) and a fancied-up chocolate tart.

A Chocolate Truffle Tart With a Layer of White Chocolate and Raspberry

Here’s the Fancy Chocolate Tart with its layer of white chocolate and raspberry bulging rather seductively out of the bottom of the tart.  The taste of the rich, dark chocolate truffle in this tart is heightened by its contrast with the sweet white chocolate and the tart raspberry layer.  To me, this is my ideal chocolate tart.

Let’s look at it from another angle shall we?  It’s too good not to, right?

Hello Beautiful

Ok, moving on, next we have my Sunny Lemon Tart.

Sunny Lemon Tarts with White Chocolate Piping and Sugared Almonds

This lemon tart has a puckery lemon filling that is made similarly to making a lemon curd.  To balance the tang of the lemon, sweet white chocolate is piped in stripes across the tart and then sprinkled with sugared almonds for sweetness and crunch.

The second lemon tart is a whole lemon tart, meaning that it has an entire lemon in it, the only part of the lemon not included is the seeds!  If you don’t love lemon things that make you pucker, but do like sweet lemon bars, then this tart is for you.  Upon first tasting the it, it starts sweet, with a mild lemon flavor, and then it finishes with just a slight bitterness that results from using the entire lemon, peel, pith, and segments.  It is a “grown-up” lemon bar if you will.

Whole Lemon Tart


Week Three: Tarte Tatins, Chocolate Dream Cookies, and Pear and Almond Cream Tarts

It’s week three of deliveries already!  I sold more tarts last week than I did the first week and I can only hope to continue this trend.   This week I delivered three different things and all of them are new items that have not yet been sold at Sarah’s Creation Florist.

The first item is individual Tarte Tatins.

Tarte Tatin

These Tarte Tatins, I believe can rival any French patisserie or restaurant out there.  The caramelization of butter and sugar with the apples results in wonderfully sweet apples enrobed and infused with an apple-flavored caramel.  The apples are supported by a buttery pastry crust.

The next item is Chocolate Dream Cookies.

Chocolate Dream Cookies

These cookies are based off of Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies.  When my Official Taste Tester (my husband, who loves chocolate) took a bite of one of these cookies he liked them so much that he declared, “These cookies are like a dream.”

The last item for this week is Pear and Almond Cream Tarts.

Pear and Almond Cream Tarts

These tarts boast a shortbread cookie crust encasing a creamy, sweet almond cream that is covered by roasted and glazed pears.  Yum!

I hope you get a chance to stop by Sharon’s Creation Florist this week to enjoy these goodies!

Until next time,


Pictures from Week 1

Hi!  I was able to snap some pictures of the good I brought to Sarah’s Creation Florist last week to give you a visual of what you can expect to find!  The velvety Chocolate Truffle Tart and the Almond-Orange Tart will be featured again this week so if  you missed out last week, you still have the chance to try these tarts!  I expect to sell new and different things each week at the shop, but some things, like these tarts, may be in the regular rotation during the winter months.

One quick announcement before the pictures, due to Martin Luther King Jr. day, my delivery for this week was today,  Tuesday, the 17th.

Enjoy the pics!

Almond-Orange Tart

Almond-Orange Tart

Chocolate Truffle Tart

Chocolate Truffle Tart

Sweet n' Salty Honey Pie

Sweet n' Salty Honey Pie

Sweet n' Salty Honey Pie


Hey!  After a few people have asked me, I thought I should mention that Sarah’s Creation Florist is open from 9:00AM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday and from 10:00AM to 2:00PM on Saturday, but remember, my baked good will only be there Monday through Wednesday!

Also, just a heads-up, Sarah’s Creation is offering free delivery for Valentine’s day if you place  your order before January 15th!  If  you buy one of my baked goods with your Valentine’s order, you will a receive a coupon for a half-price treat anytime after Valentine’s day.  Great deal right?  I thought you’d like it.

That’s all for now.  Have a blessed day!


Week One!

Alright!  Here we go!  I’m freezing my tart dough and firing up my oven to make three delicious sweets for my debut week at Sarah’s Creation Florist in Durham.  The shop is located near the corner of HWY 55 and 54 across the street from Chick-Fil-A.  I will deliver the sweet treats before the shop opens on the morning of Monday, January 9th.  The three treats include a rich, velvet-smooth chocolate truffle tart, an almond-orange French tart (orange segments baked in a traditional almond cream), and a salty-sweet honey pie.

I will make a weekly delivery to the shop on Monday mornings so stop in and get ’em while they are the freshest!  If my treats do not sell out immediately, they can be found in the shop Monday through Wednesday.

Pictures of Week One’s sweets to come soon!